The fourth edition of the #CultureonLIVE conference will take place on September 11 and 12 2022 at Goyki 3 ArtInkubator in Sopot and at www.cultureon.live.

The event caters to the need to strengthen the digital competence of cultural industry representatives in the pandemic-driven transfer of some or all of the events to the web. In retrospect, we can see that the pandemic was just the first of the challenges we experienced, and the war in Ukraine, the economic and migration crises are not without impact on the condition of the industry itself and its customers. We firmly believe that the answer to any crisis is to work together. Therefore, the thematic scope of this year’s conference will primarily cover issues related to building networks, teams and supporting each other not only in the difficult times we have faced, but also in periods of prosperity and tranquility.

Like every year, there will also be discussions about the future of the use of modern technology in the implementation of cultural events, the need to understand the changing standards of inclusivity, or effective methods of raising funds for projects.

Meanwhile, participation in workshops will allow participants to develop digital competencies but will also suggest ways to increase their productivity or build more open, inclusive cultural events.