The fifth edition of the #CultureonLIVE

The fifth edition of the #CultureonLIVE conference will take place on June 24, 25, 2024 at Goyki 3 ArtInkubator in Sopot and at www.cultureon.live.

The event was created in response to the need to strengthen digital competencies in cultural professionals in the pandemic-forced move of some or all events to the web. In retrospect, we see that the pandemic was just the first of the challenges we experienced, and the wars in Ukraine, Palestine, and the economic and migration crises are not without impact on the condition of the industry itself and its audience.

We firmly believe that the answer to every crisis is to work together and build systems that strengthen the resilience of the cultural and creative sector. That’s why the scope of this year’s conference will primarily cover issues related to building resilience and creating new narratives in times of crises, collaboration, team building and thinking about what kind of leaders and mentors we need, both in the difficult times we face, but also in periods of prosperity and calm. As every year, there will also be discussions about the future of the use of modern technology in the implementation of cultural events, the need to understand the changing standards in the field of cultural and artistic education, or acquiring the competencies of the future.